Expert testing is the key to long-term success, and our teams can confidently optimise product performance, eliminating all defects during build, launch and usage.

Our trusted off-shore Software Development Engineers for Test (SDETs) are experienced in maximising product potential, while at the same time saving companies up to 30% in costs compared to the UK market.

We have experience in Selenium, JMeter and Appium testing applications, and experts in Perl, Python, Oracle, PHP and Hadoop, and we offer full quality assurance on all our services.

Frequently asked questions when it comes to outsourcing Testing

  Yes. At Merit, you have the flexibility to adjust your team size as per your requirements. Often our clients increase the team size during the holiday season or times of peak work to ensure that there is no overload for their team or compromise on quality. We would require a minimum notice of four weeks to ensure we are able to scale resources up or down.
  Yes. We discuss your objectives and brainstorm with you on the best solutions. Depending on complexity of requirement, we can arrange for a face to face discussion or half day sessions to work on the best possible solution.
  Merit is a UK owned business with western expat management, who oversee the account and project management at our offshore locations. Your team can work a shift time to match your office hours. Our teams have experience using workflow management tools and can easily adapt to your internal software. We have weekly and monthly calls between our team leaders and your marketing lead to ensure smooth working. Our UK client relations team can also visit you for consultation.
  You can choose from a project-based cost model, wherein the costs will be fixed after determining the scope of work, or the more popular mode of FTE based costing – which helps you add and reduce your team size on the go.
  • 15 years’ experience in software development
  • Expert software development technicians that work as an extension of your own team, offering full technical support and training
  • Expertise across a wide range of technologies including Microsoft.net, Perl, Python, Oracle, PHP, Hadoop, Salesforce.com, Tableau, ASP.net, Microsoft SQL server and many more
  • Proven success in developing software for world-leading brands

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