Business Intelligence

Our data experts are continuously gathering huge volumes of intelligence that is used to underpin some of the world’s most respected b2b intelligence products and brands, and results in high growth revenue streams.

The combination of our data collection tools, web watching, customised apps and telephone research, has seen us become a trusted partner to a number of true market leaders including Wilmington, Dow Jones, Glenigan and Haymarket.

The knowledge and experience we have gained through harvesting industry-specific data over more than 15 years, guarantees the cost-effective supply of accurate and complete information – and allows our clients to focus their time and budget on putting the intelligence to work.

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Data collection
Our tools extract more than 4 million records every day from multiple formats including HTML, Flash, JSON and PSF
Data transformation
We develop machine learning and AI tools which will de-dupe, categorise and enhance harvested data. We make raw data coherent, usable and valuable.
Web watching
We continuously monitor more than 100,000 web pages to keep data feeds updated We pinpoint industry specific news stories within minutes of publication
Customised apps
We develop comparison and segmentation tools We create applications with built-in machine learning to manage large data sets fast and cost-effectively
Telephone research
We have more than a decade of experience in telephone research, obtaining additional information to enhance data sets and make data more valuable
An established and knowledgeable partner for the management and processing of data.
Wilmington PLC

Clients include