Our new look

From a bold past & present, to a bolder future

Our most successful clients, who happen to be some of the world’s most respected b2b intelligence brands, never stop moving forward. They are progressive, adapting to shifts in the market, responding to new challenges and embracing change. Every so often a company like this will reach a landmark, plant a fresh flag in the ground and start a new phase of their journey. At Merit, we’ve just reached our latest milestone, and we’re proud to unveil our revamped brand to signal the next phase of our own voyage forward.

This new branding is not just a new logo, a splash of colour and some creative fonts. It symbolises where we come from, the company we have become and the company we are continually striving to be. It reflects Merit’s evolution and puts us in the best position to push forward for a bold future – for us and our clients.

DATA + CODE at the core

Our journey began back in 2004, providing support for our clients that, compared to today, was quite basic, offering marketing data and business processing services. Since then, as the b2b landscape changed and our clients’ challenges developed, so did the support we provided to help our clients transition and transform. But one thing always stayed the same: the fierce pride we take in our work.

Now I can confidently say we are one of the most experienced, agile and innovative data companies in the world, using a combination of unique tech and intelligent people to gather, manage and interpret large, complex data sets.

From data came code, creating bespoke software and provide coding resources to give our clients the ability to build the technology they need in their own business. That’s why our new strapline is DATA + CODE. These two things sit at the core of our clients’ businesses, and at the heart of Merit. On a personal level, I started my career as a coder, so in many ways I am reverting to type, and once again being inspired by DATA + CODE.


As a technology driven company with Data + Code at our core, we have developed sophisticated proprietary software that means we can collect and manage data in massive volumes, data that underpins intelligence products and marketing campaigns. We give data value, putting us at the forefront of the movement to unlock the commercial potential of data and intelligence, meaning it can generate high growth revenue streams for our clients. We are delivering on the promise of big data to reshape the way we work.

Innovating with our clients

Merit is an entrepreneurial company. We have a strong track record in innovation and many of our customers have innovation in their DNA. It’s this pioneering spirit that our new brand captures, celebrating those that have the confidence to take a bold approach in the b2b media industry.

To help our clients to embrace the future, and to ensure we are at the forefront of technology, we created Merit LABS, an incubator for the best minds in Artificial Intelligence. This expert tech team develop new products and advise clients on what technologies are game changers and what are likely to be passing fads. It gives our clients access to innovations that could transform their offering, without the usual risk or expense.

Sometimes things that seem like a huge challenge can in fact be opportunities to innovate. This is true of data privacy changes – particularly the imminent GDPR and changing ePrivacy regulations. These updates are transforming the way organisations and marketers gather, store and use customer data. Failure to comply could be financially and operationally fatal for organisations. We are partnering with customers to not just prepare for the significant changes, but also to help them recognise and make the most of the opportunities these changes present.

A new brand for all

Finally, I’m delighted that our employees are fully behind the new brand. The response internally has been overwhelmingly positive. Our team know better than anyone just how hard they are working to move us forward, and they see our ‘new look’ as encapsulating the pride they have in their work. We have a very youthful core of workers and they have embraced the vibrancy and movement of the brand, and our Indian staff appreciate the cultural connotations that the colour and design hint at.

And for me that’s crucial. The new look isn’t just an external gloss of paint to dazzle our customers. This is a bold, bright reflection of who we are – in partnership with our most valued clients and community of people, who like us, believe in DATA + CODE.



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