Building a vision: Merit transforms industrial shell into futuristic tech hub

Published on: Tuesday, 9th April 2019

By Cornelius Conlon, Managing Director of Meritgroup & CTO of Dods Group Plc

We are delighted to have unveiled the newest addition to Chennai’s commercial landscape: a 55,000 square foot eco-building, constructed using sustainable materials and equipped with cutting-edge technology for use by a 1,000-strong team of developers and data management experts.

Our new four-storey space, which was converted from a disused warehouse, features expansive open-plan areas structured around a striking 144-foot mezzanine arc. The installation of radiant cooling technology has improved the building’s energy efficiency by 40% in comparison to conventional air conditioning techniques.

Our CEO Con Conlon, who founded the business 15 years ago, explains that all aspects of the building on the Ambattur Industrial Estate have been strategically designed to reflect and nurture the ethos of the company.

He said: “The hallmark of Merit’s service proposition has always been premium quality, delivered using state-of-the-art technology – and this principle extends into every element of the new build. From the bold exposed-brick exterior, to the pioneering use of radiant cooling pipes for temperature control, Merit’s visionary spirit resonates throughout every fibre of this unique space.

“We have engineered the layout to cultivate a culture of ‘togetherness’: the lack of partitions facilitates cross-functional discussions in an environment that will be buzzing with activity around the clock – with staff covering UK and IST hours to deliver for customers globally. By creating a ‘worker-first’ environment, we are able to nurture our existing staff, whilst attracting the very best new talent in order to ensure gold standard service.”

The new building replaces our previous Chennai space, and links together with our offices in London, Mumbai and the US, to deliver data, software and business intelligence solutions to a growing global customer portfolio.

We look forward to welcoming you to our special new space very soon!

Merit founder Con Conlon’s vision has been to create a ‘worker-first’ environment for existing staff to enjoy and to ensure the business attracts the best talent in the future

Merit’s Project Leaders, Ronald Drooge and Mervin Samuel, led the transformation project in Chennai

The Merit team transformed a disused former warehouse which was going to ruin on the Abbattur Industrial Estate in Chennai

Merit’s new state-of-the-art eco-building centres around a modern, open plan layout with a 144ft mezzanine arc

It took teams two years to transform the almost derelict former warehouse space into Merit’s futuristic tech hub

Merit’s new four-storey building in Chennai is now home to more than 1,000 developers and data management experts