At Merit we take pride in constantly moving forward and embracing change . But we don’t just pay lip service to innovation – we invest in it every day. Which is why a couple of years ago we created Merit LABS.

Merit LABS is our centre of excellence –  a hub which cultivates innovation and progress. Sitting at the heart of Merit, Merit LABS is an incubator bringing together experts in transformative technology covering artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning and big data processing.

Merit LABS was built to give our customers a competitive advantage, because we know that many organisations simply do not have the resources needed to build their own dedicated Research & Development team. It gives customers access to disruptive technologies and helps them move forward, boldly.

A shared source of innovation

It’s tough for businesses to keep on top of the constant stream of new developments in technology and software. Senior stakeholders face the dilemma of not only having to monitor these changes, but also identify which technologies will have a practical impact right now and which technologies need to mature, or even to be left well alone.  (or may even fall by the wayside).

We want to focus on our clients to have having a positive experience with technology. That means doing the groundwork in Merit LABS to learn as much as we can about new platforms so that we can recommend – and help build –  the technology our clients need.

With Merit LABS is where our clients can try out new things,  – incubating original ideas and product concepts. We very much have an open-door policy, and it works both ways.  a ‘two-way channel’ so to speak. Clients can come to us with ideas they want to explore or technology they’ve read or heard about that they want to explore, but don’t have the skills or time to explore on their own.do this on their own.

Similarly, we may approach our clients with ideas and concepts we think could benefit them, and then look to partner and test out these bold new conceptsideas – or simply carry out ‘proof of concept’ projects.

Immersing ourselves in the world of AI and machine learning

We know that many of our clients are both excited and nervous about the impact developments like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, voice recognition, bitcoin and blockchain will have on the sector.

Being ‘behind the curve’, or even too early off the mark on these technologies could have a huge impact on future success. At Merit LABS we are dedicated to learning as much as we can on all these areas and considering how they can be best used by our clients.

Whether it’s Alexa from Amazon, TensorFlow from Google, or Cognitive Suite from Microsoft, we are immersing ourselves in these (and other) tools so that our customers can benefit from them and use them to positively shape their future. If there is a way technology can improve sales, generate marketing databases, filter unstructured data or build better data and intelligence, LABSabs will be there to let our clients know.

Eyes on the horizon

Merit LABS is our way of getting hold of the explosion we are seeing in the tech sphere and tech innovation across the world and harnessing it.

We are keeping our eyes on the horizon for our clients so they can focus on the day-to-day practicalities and challenges of their business. We invest in the best talent people and resources, saving you the time and effort by providing the answers you need, when you need them.  that may not be possible for businesses to do. others to do. We attract and retain the best talent so that others don’t have to.

To try out an idea, explore a or new concept, or find out more about a new technology or simply want advice on what technology can take you forward, please knock on the Merit LABS door. You’ll be most welcome. !


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