The GDPR – a B2B perspective

The GDPR – a B2B perspective

On 3rd March 2017, Duncan Smith, expert in privacy, information and marketing law, gave an important briefing, specifically for B2B businesses based in the UK covering:

  • an update on the legislation and how it is likely to be implemented
  • your action list of the most important things to do in 2017 to ensure you are ready

This is the year to get to grips with your compliance program. This time next year, it will be too late!

  1. What does a compliance program in a UK business look like? Templates for a successful program
  2. What tools and techniques can I apply to identify the critical ‘gaps’ in compliance? Process and data flow mapping.
  3. What is all the fuss about ‘accountability’? What does senior management need to do to ‘be accountable’?
  4. How can I protect our revenue generating data assets? Steps to safeguard the ability to use and share data with advertising partners and sponsors.

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