Software Development

Sourcing and managing software developers can be challenging – especially when you need to increase productivity to deliver multiple projects to tight deadlines on a limited budget. 

So we have built a team of software developers to enable the delivery of our clients’ projects – on time and on budget. Our specialist developers are highly skilled in Node.Js, Python, PHP,, MS-SQL, Oracle, HPCC, Hadoop and more.

And we are proud to have successfully delivered projects for companies such as FT, Ascential, Informa, Argus Media, Fitch, Wilmington, Dow Jones, Cannes Lions, Euromoney and RBI.

Not only are our clients able to scale up or down the team size as required, but they save up to as much as 50% on UK equivalent resource costs.

Our expatriate managers enable clear and effective communication with our clients which reduces the risk of cost and time over runs.

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