A Guide for Chief Technology Officers

Software Development: How CTOs Can Solve the Talent Crisis

Leading B2B organisations know that utilising the right software is the cornerstone of success and growth. From finances to production, customer service to HR, employing the best technology in all processes is central to optimum performance.

But with all companies now technology companies, competition for skilled and innovative developers has never been more intense. CTOs must find a way to gather, maintain and retain the resources necessary to efficiently and effectively deliver software projects.

This guide examines how a strategic approach to hiring external IT support can bring more innovation, stability and long-term continuity to software projects than in-house solutions can offer.

The guide looks at how a ‘blended model’ can:

  • Drive revenue growth
  • Enhance a firm’s ability to scale rapidly
  • Relieve internal pressure while developing in-house skills
  • Open up new revenue streams
  • Consistently deliver projects on time and on budget

Our guide identifies the key areas CTOs should focus on to identify a credible, agile support partner that will become an ongoing strategic asset to your organisation.

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