Merit’s Software Development Brochure

Could you be developing better software and systems more cost-effectively?

Finding an efficient model for developing customised technology for your organisation or your clients can be a challenge.  For many mid-size UK organisations, low-cost off-shore development is perceived as too risky, can be frustrating, and often fails to give a decent return on investment.

Merit offers you an alternative way to develop world-class software applications and integrated business systems quickly.  In the decade we have been in business we have developed particular expertise in:

  • tools that automate data discovery and data extraction from thousands of sources
  • systems and tools for merging, managing, analysing and visualising data
  • systems for distilling and distributing business intelligence
  • workflow management applications to automate tasks and simplify complex processes
  • applications that integrate sales and marketing systems and channels, including Twitter, Facebook, Eloqua and Salesforce
  • comprehensive software testing.

To find out more about the technologies we use, please fill out the form and download the brochure.


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