How a Strategic Approach will Transform your Marketing Database

GUIDE: Transforming your B2B media brand with a strategic approach to your marketing database

Marketing databases have traditionally been viewed as a purely functional resource – a mass of static data to draw upon when designing campaigns and communicating with customers and potential leads.

But modern B2B media companies are realising the benefits and impressive ROI that can be achieved when a strategic approach is taken to the building and maintenance of marketing databases. 

Merit’s new guide outlines the mindset and approach needed for a strategic approach to marketing databases – to directly impact your organisation’s performance and brand equity.

The following themes are covered in this guide:

  1. The benefits of a data audit and gap analysis to extend reach within existing and new markets
  2. How having a single customer view drives revenue and enables a good customer experience – enhancing brand trust
  3. How to plan and take advantage of profiling your data assets with appropriate tagging and categorisation
  4. The essential technology, process and skill requirements for a high-performance marketing database
  5. How compliance is no longer a ‘house-keeping chore’ but a competitive advantage in the bid for brand credibility and customer trust

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