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The Merit Group team understands that these days it is no longer simply about gathering masses of data. It’s about intelligence.

Robert Davis,Content Director, Glenigan

Merit’s unique technology-driven solutions enable the efficient collection of high quality data that underpins a range of outstanding intelligence products in various industry sectors. We create and manage technology-driven solutions that enable various automated data feeds in to data products.

Intelligence Services

Data Harvesting Tools

Merit develops bespoke programmes to collect both structured and unstructured data, including high volume repetitive data. We currently deploy almost 1,000 scrapers collecting 3 million data records per day.

Web Watching Tools

Merit currently monitors over 10,000 web sources to capture relevant information, usually within 30 minutes of publishing. Web watched data includes people moves, news, market data, financial data and business intelligence

Custom-Built Data Applications

Merit develops unique applications to sit within clients’ data products, including key search applications, data dictionaries, data comparison tools, data visualisation applications, data volume trackers and data dashboards

Telephone Research

Merit can also verify and enhance data with telephone-based research. Our teams of highly trained researchers will contact specific organisations and individuals to source information to enrich data gathered by automated techniques.

Intelligence Process

Step 1: Meet

Meet with a Merit consultant to discuss your data product development objectives and product data requirements (complimentary service)

Step 2: Plan

Your Merit consultant will help you create a plan and roadmap to achieve your data product development objectives and meet your product data requirements (complimentary service)

Step 3: Design & Build

Once commissioned, Merit will design and build your product data feed according to agreed specifications and requirements – integrating the data feed with your systems and processes where needed

Step 4: Go Live

Once fully tested and signed off, your product data feed will be ‘switched on’

Step 5: Optimise

Your Merit consultant will continue to work with you to ensure data feeds are always optimised to meet your requirements

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Robert Davis, Director of Content at Glenigan, explains how working with Merit gives Glenigan the flexibility, freedom and expertise it needs to succeed and grow.

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