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Merit Group delivered the exact output required. There were no inefficiences or complications in the process.

Craig Lowe, Head of Marketing & Subscriptions, Business Monitor International

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Merit has been researching and building marketing databases since 2004 – enabling the efficient growth of over 100 B2B brands in various industry sectors. We currently build and validate over 4 million records per year to meet our clients’ exact marketing data needs.

Merit data research is focused on your specific target market. We can source highly targeted job functions within specific industries and companies. Our data therefore drives response rates that are significantly higher than purchased/brokered lists.

Merit can collect the following data per customer or prospect record: name, job title, department, company name, address, switchboard number, direct telephone number, direct email address, company website address, Twitter handle, Linkedin profile link – and more. Every project is customised based on the client’s requirements.

Data Services

Data Audit and Analysis

Merit can quickly run audits on data sets to identify missing and aged data (e.g. email addresses no longer valid). We also analyse your data against a specified target market to help you identify data research requirements.

Validating and Enhancing Existing Marketing Data

Merit’s technology-driven tools and telephone based research techniques quickly and cost-effectively validate existing customer and prospect records and add further information to enrich our client’s data for more effective, targeted marketing campaigns.

Building New Marketing Data

Merit quickly and efficiently builds full sets of targeted marketing data for clients who wish to acquire a high volume of new customers, profitably grow market share, launch new products and services and enter new markets.

Email Bounce-Back Management

For a number of clients, Merit currently monitors all email hard and soft bounces to provide daily support and database updates to ensure targeted customers and prospects are always reached with required messages.

Data Process

Step 1: Meet

Meet with a Merit consultant to discuss your marketing data project objectives and requirements (complimentary service)

Step 2: Plan

Your Merit consultant will compile a Statement of Work for your project – including marketing data specifications, format required for data delivered, as well as estimated costs and time frames (complimentary service)

Step 3: Research

Once this Statement of Work has been signed off, Merit will conduct the research to deliver the marketing data your require – delivering your marketing data in the format you specify, where necessary, feeding data directly in to your systems

Step 4: Use the Data

Your Merit consultant will continue to work with you to ensure your marketing data projects are delivered to meet your exact needs.

Case Study

Robbie Burgess, Data and Technology Director for Marketing at Reed Business Information, explains how Merit gives her team flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness.

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