Learning and Development

Merit offers an array and variety of in-house training programmes which focuses on grooming employees not only to go up the corporate ladder but to also develop their interpersonal skills.

  • Finishing School: This training programme was launched in 2015, aimed at grooming and preparing the next generation of team leaders and managers. Nominated employees are selected after a vigorous process of tests and interviews, who will then be part of this extensive programme. Finishing school participants and other existing managers also have the privilege to be a part of developmental programmes from time to time, which will help participants in understanding the business leadership concepts like people management, mentoring, coaching etc, with hands-on activities.
  • Techlink: Merit’s first internal training and placement program to identify and train tech-savy people and provide the opportunity to join the IT team. With the world of information technology growing in leaps and bounds, it is nothing but essential that one has to be updated in this field. For the first time, Merit has paved the way for even Non – IT individuals to be given the opportunity to embrace their interest in learning about new technologies and hence train them in the required fields.
  • Individual Development Programme (IDP):  The Learning and Development team at Merit focuses on educating its employees in various topics related to the corporate world. The IDP is designed on common topics such as time management, MS Excel – Basic and Advanced, grooming, financial management, an introduction to Six Sigma concepts etc. which takes place every month where employees can register for the topics that they are interested in. We also encourage employees to suggest and take up other online courses pertaining to their areas of interest.


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